Pastor Lawrence W. Rodgers

Loving Mercy, Doing Justice, Walking Humbly with God

ReImagining Church During and Beyond the COVID19 Age

A live discussion featuring Erika Jackson-Stokes, Amy Bost-Henegar, Barry Williams, Rudy Hagood, and moderated by Lawrence W. Rodgers. This panel will engage the topic "ReImagining Church During and Beyond the COVID19 Age." A critical conversation centered on harnessing the imagination for those who care about the church's future.

Just Wanting To Breath

Panel Discussion led by Lawrence W Rodgers featuring Robert Jackson, Jerry Taylor, Kelitah Armstrong, Pauline Rose-Moore, Anthony Powell, K. Rex Butts on George Floyd, Breona Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and how can the United States heal and repent from its racial history.

Black Rage Book Discussion

Panelists Lawrence Rodgers, Alisha Taylor, Russell Pointer Jr., and Brittney Thornton discuss the scope of "Black Rage" written by Price M. Cobbs and William H. Grier in 1968 and how this book can be examined through the lens of today's society in regard to the rage African Americans in America are witnessing and experiencing.

Beloved Community Overcoming the Obstacle of Racism

Lawrence W. Rodgers joins Randy Harris and Carson Reed to explore some of the pressing dimensions of how racism is dividing people and churches. Together they probe underlying social and theological reasons for the lack of awareness in many white churches, and they share ways of responding proactively in a variety of congregational contexts.

Engaging the Powers in Christian Education - Carl Spain Center

Based on Walter Winks book Engaging the Powers: Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination, in this presentation Lawrence Rogers discusses ways in which Christians can engage the powers present in Christian Education.